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"Janet...You're a wonderful person and you have done amazing things for me.  Not only have you healed my energy field but you have helped me heal myself which is an invaluable gift.  I appreciate your friendship and sincere concern, as well as your skills as a practitioner.  May the universe always bless you with joy, peace and abundance."  Much love, Yola Marie

"I want to thank you for your help in making me feel like me again. I know I am improving and will be just fine!! How's that for changing my thought into a positive possibility!  You are wonderful and truly a GIFT!!!  Thanks again, L.K.

"Being a male, I tend to be a pretty concrete thinker.  Being a nurse, I tend to agree with traditional  medicine - you're sick, you take pills & get better. You tear ligaments, you have surgery & you're better. Needless to say I was a little sceptical about my  appointment for CST.  I'm willing to try anything before I totally discard it but even going into my appt., I didn't have too high of hopes.
Once the therapy started, I thought that all my doubts were true since she began at my feet.  How the ***is that going to make my back & shoulder feel better?!  Well, I couldn't have been more wrong!  All of a sudden, as if a great epiphany had occurred, I started to feel things going on, not in my feet but in my back!  I'm not sure exactly how this was happening and to tell the truth, I'm not sure I want to know.  All I can say is that it made a believer out of me and I will be going back for other session. No questions asked!"              P. Flicker, R.N.
"This is the first testimonial I have ever written, and I must say that I've had pleasure doing so.  The reason for that is so clear...Janet, you have the healing touch!!!  I am writing on behalf of my dog Peaches & self...so first I'll start with Peaches.  On March 6th, she suffered a stroke.  She could not walk, stand or even relieve herself without aid.  The vet told us our options, not painting a rosy picture.  We called you right away & the next week Peaches had 3 "energy" sessions - they made a remarkable difference.  She then had regular sessions with you at least twice a week. By mid-April she could go up the stairs! Our little dog did show recovery & given her age I know that without you the process would have taken longer, if there was any recovery at all.  My 15 yr. old dog acts like a puppy again.  We're so glad we changed our minds that Sunday morning because we really enjoy Peaches more than ever.  Thanks Janet.
Now me...this past winter I had tightening & pain in my lower back which kept me up at night & hindered me from coaching my softball team.  I scheduled a session but only revealed that I had pain, not the exact location.  Within 10 minutes you knew exactly where the pain was. The second session did the trick - no more pain!  As a teacher, one of my challenges is to advise parents re: testing their child for his/her learning differences.  I always convey to them that without testing results, their child's quality of life is at hand.  Well, the same applies to what you do. Look at the test & the results.  Peaches walks around like a dog in the prime of her life & I coach my team and play golf without nagging back pain - our quality of life has been enhanced!     Sharon (& Peaches) Morsa
"Like most guys over forty, I've developed my share of nagging injuries. 
Janet has been very effective in healing these injuries...knees, shoulder
and lower back... If I did not know Janet it would be difficult for me to
believe in her work.  However I assure you Janet's work and methods
are simply amazing.  It really does work!  You have to give it a try to
experience it for yourself.  You have nothing to lose except the aches
and pains.  She really does have "mystical powers and magical hands!"                                                                Sal Scelsi (golf addict)
"I can't express enough the gratitude that I feel to Dr. Romisher, my dentist who sent me to Janet.  I was leery at first, as I am sure most people are. He sent me to Janet because of my TMJ problem which I had
suffered from for many years (more than 10).  I had alot of pain and had spent alot of money on different devices none of which worked.  After 2 sessions the TMJ completely cleared & hasn't been back since. I noticed other positive changes - felt better, quit smoking, more positive thinking, less back problems, etc.  I can't say enough about how wonderful these sessions and Janet have been, her calming, positive, healing energy is awesome."                  Sincerely,  Connie S.
"I truly believe my experiences with Janet helped heal me in all ways... physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Janet has such special gift to share. Although my injury was a true heartache for me and affected my life in so many ways, I am so lucky to have had Janet as a part of my healing process.  I can honestly say I experienced "healing from within."
                                            Colleen Chiovarou, Occupational Therapist
"Repatterning is truly the most unique and amazing healing modality I have experienced.  Janet has a way of safely and efficiently guiding you to new levels of health, wellness and personal growth.  Following my first session I felt free of stress, pain, and full of joy.  It was like 5 years of therapy crammed into 90 minutes."       L. Bagliani, Massage Therapist, RMT
"Thank you for the amazing Reiki session yesterday.  It was the most magical and energizing experience of my life!  Although I'm still a little hesitant about embracing this new energy and insight, I'm thrilled to be on this path and want to continue opening and releasing and accepting these gifts.  I am in awe over the power of energy, how much of it I felt and how in-line your noticings about me were."   K.R.

"I didn't really know what to expect when I went to Janet for my first session. All I knew was that my last EKG was "abnormal" and my wife suggested I see Janet.  The session was great!  Janet's demeanor was so peaceful that I was instantly relaxed. After she cleared old beliefs and did some healing work I felt better.  Best of all, the abnormality in my EKG completely disappeared without any medical intervention! (as shown on the follow-up test).  I am deeply grateful for Janet and her immense talents and light. I would highly recommend her sessions to anybody in need of healing or change!     Thank you, J.P.

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* A very special Thank You from my heart to all of my Clients
  & Students.  I am truly blessed to share this wonder-full
  Journey with you...
With Much Love & Light, Janet



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